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We are a luxury-focused travel agency that was founded in the belief that we all benefit from travel. Both from the relaxation and rejuvenation that comes from taking a break and enjoying precious time with friends and family, but also from seeing and learning and engaging with cultures other than our own.

We believe everyone deserve a touch of luxury in our lives. A bit of something unique and special and personalized. Something to make life a little sweeter, richer, easier. More luxurious. More accessible. 

I founded this travel agency for my family and others like us. After getting my MBA and working for over decade in client service at various marketing and advertising agencies, my father started using a wheelchair and I quickly realized how challenging travel was for anyone with mobility issues. So I decided to align my high-end client service experience with my passion for travel and my love of family. 

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Here are just a few examples of where in the world I've had the luxury of traveling to. Let's talk about where your next map pin goes!!

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